Please post here anything else (not relating to Maxwell technical matters)
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By SunlightRocker
Tought it would be nice to know you "boys and girls" a little better. So how
old are you, how long have you been working with 3d & photorealism,
and how came you started to work with it.

Name: Tobias Wigstrand
Age: 25
From: A small town in Sweden
Family: Girlfriend, and togheter we have a 2 year old daughter.
Worked with 3d: About 2 years
Worked with Photorealism: About 10 mounths. (Since I first saw a maxwell-rendered picture)
Why: I studied "game-development for internet" in 2003-2005.
We developed web-games using shockwave and shockwave 3D. We had
a small course in 3d-modelling too, but we didnt learn anything. If we
wanted to learn, we got to learn it ourself. I formed my own company
during that time, but eventually I got tired of the market, since
macromedia didnt release anything new, and I found out that 3d was
much more fun than programming. :P So, I worked more and more with
3D and eventually I ran into Maxwell, and got really excited about it. And
here I am, stuck in this forum :D . Still running my own company.

(I hope you understand my poor english. :wink: )
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Name: chris hofmann
Age: 30
From: munich, germany
Family: married + 8month old babygirl
Worked with 3d: since sculptanimated4d on amiga500
Worked with Photorealism: since maxwell first alpha
Why: i see 3d-cgi as the supreme form of art that lets you reconstrukt almost everything imaginable. i just try to get the skills together so one day i can create the perfect world i dreamed about when i was younger haha.
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By Hervé
Name: hervé steff
Age: 47 (2 days ago)
From: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Family: living with Bibi for 15 years (not my kids, ... Philippe - 21- studying in Montpeliier, Mihai's city + Isabelle 18... )
Worked with 3d: since lw4
Worked with Photorealism: since maxwell first alpha for lw but I tried hard before, I remember the first picture I saw from Maxwell... was intense..
Why: I have too, I can't explain why..[/quote]
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By 4 HeRo
Name: John
Age: 36
From: Startford upon Avon UK
Family: living with Samantha. No kids as yet
Worked with 3d: since Truespace
Worked with Photorealism: since maxwell first alpha ( I have wait for a render engine like Maxwell for so long)
Why: Because the first time a rendered a whole scene i was hooked...
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By hyltom
Name: Hugo Cailleton
Age: 32
From: Montpellier (France), living and working in Zhongshan (China)
Family: married & one boy
Worked with 3d: since Zoom (Abvent) on Apple in 1995
Worked with Photorealism: since maxwell first alpha... and before without success :)
Why: no idea
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By firebird
Name: Udo Ribbe
Age: 31
From: Munich, Germany, soon at the Bodensee
Family: no wife, no kids, no girlfriend
Worked with 3d: since university (worked at the cad, cgi departement)
Worked with Photorealism: since maxwell first alpha, a friend at university introduced me to maxwell render
Why: I like photorealism alot, and I believe this to be the future for all designing (everything will be rendered and sold before even any real 3d object has been created, industrial design, architecture, you name it)
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By glebe digital
Name: Stuart Mayes
Age: 37
From: Thames estuary, now in the Orkney Islands.
Family: My better half [wife], 2 children.
Worked with 3d: since 1989.
Worked with Photorealism: first tries with StrataStudio's radiosity back in early 90's........v1.75 if I remember right.
Why: better than mixing mortar or working down the crab-factory.
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By deadalvs
Name: Matthias Bühler
Age: 26
From: Uster, near Zurich, Switzerland
Family: my dad, brother, mum, grandparents, no girlfriend :(
Worked with 3d: hobbyist since about 12 years
Worked with Photorealism: StrataStudio's radiosity demo version which didn't work. i tried to render dispersion with caustics but i think i was a little ahead of my time... sadly.
Why: i have the goal of utopian, perfect photorealism. this is my only way and goal. i want maxwell rendered hollywood films and nothing less ! problem: computers are 1000 times too slow. again, i'm ahead of my time. damned !

* * *

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By Frances
Name: Frances Gainer Davey
Age: 47
From: Virginia
Family: Husband (for 11 years), Boh (54); Son John (7); Son Patrick (2)
Worked with 3d: AutoCAD 13 (1997)
Worked with Photorealism: Since Lightscape 3.0 (1997)
Why: Fulfilled a need to be creative, and I seemed to be good at it.
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By NicoR44
8etty wrote:
Age: 47
serious :?: you bathe in anti-aging-cream every day :?:
I was thinking the same thing :D
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By Frances
8etty wrote:
Age: 47
serious :?: you bathe in anti-aging-cream every day :?:
Yes. But for my 50th birthday, I'm getting an entire body lift. :lol:
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By Hervé
Frances.... 1959..? ..
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By NicoR44
Name: Curt (Nico is my second name, I only use it for forums)
Age: 36
From: The Netherlands, near Rotterdam, but here everything is near Rotterdam ;)
Family: Wife Linda (together since 1989) daughter Anne 5, son Tom 1.7
Worked with 3d: since 2000, before that I was a chef at some great Michelin* restaurants here in the Netherlands for over 15 years
Worked with Photorealism: since Maxwell alpha
Why: because I really really love it, and some people even say I'm good at it. :shock:
been working with computers almost all my life because my father once created the first dutch PC the Aster ct 80
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Name: Edwin Collingridge
Age: 42
From: Antibes, France, Originally Cape Town South Africa but born in the UK
Family: Wife and we have two kids and a cat
Worked With 3d: On and off since 1988 Some of it 3D two dimensional sketches 1997 started 3D on computers
Worked with Photorealism: On and off, well if you call some render software Photorealism...,a bit in 1997 and since 2001
Why:My work, promoting design, architecture, boats etc. require 3D photorealism and I am totally hooked on it.
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