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By juan
We are pleased to announce that we have released an updates for the SketchUp plug-in for Maxwell Render.

The updates bring several enhancements and bug fixes, including added support for version 7 of SketchUp Pro. For a complete overview of improvements, please go to: ... 90109.html

The update for this plug-in is available from the customer download area as usual.

Should you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales department at

If, on the other hand, your query is of a technical nature, you can contact our technical support team at

Thank you for your confidence in our products!

Kind regards,

By Stinkie7000

"A new checkbox (Transformations) was added to the export options. Uncheck the box to prevent the export of transformation matrices for groups/components if objects are misplaced in Maxwell Studio. This provides a workaround for Maxwell Studio issues when Studio is not able to decompose the transformation matrix properly."

Quite curious to see if this works!
By fountainhead
what is a transformation matrix in Sketchup? Is this the work around for instances that formerly imported to Studio all messed up?
By JDHill
There is no tutorial specifically pertaining to grass in the SketchUp plugin, but it works pretty simply: open the Maxwell Grass window, select a group, enable grass for that group, and set grass parameters. This is described in the plugin manual (the PDF installed with the plugin, and online, here). None of the parameters are specific to grass in SketchUp, so for discussions of those, just consult the standard Maxwell Grass documentation.
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