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I am not able to buy render time in the next limit shop. Where can I buy it?
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Hi There!

I also can not see the render cloud to purchase anymore.... If Next Limit are winding their cloud services, they need to let us know as this would be a complete disaster for me. I have 20 hours or so left on my account, so no need for top up just yet fortunately. You should put in a support request and see if you get an answer.

Ranch render farm is now the only one I know of that serves Maxwell 5. That is a bit of a pain to use, or at least it was, as all references needed to be renamed to fit their specific format.

Mods: Is this intentional?
By Rita Sipos

Same here, also seems like they removed cloud "section" from the main webpage. Can't find anything about cloud rendering...

Next Limit please let us know what is going on, extremely frustrating to find out services being cut out without notice. Wondering if its even legal in EU???
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