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By Hugo
Is there somebody to help me out with this issue: License version 4 / version 5 is not working at all on my computers with macOS Catalina. I got floating licenses 4 and 5.
The problem with license is coming back and back now and then. When it works, Maxwell is lovely integrated with FormZ 8.6.5, but I spend hours and hours to figure out WHY it is not working anymore. Support is very limited and they always tell me to shut down the RLM server and restart by going to the localhost.... I do, constantly, but makes no difference. There are no Virtual Machines running on my computers, No firewall, No nothing... It worked in the past, not anymore.
Localhost I can approach on my MacPro, not on my MacBook Pro. (????)
It's strange that the license issue is ONLY with Maxwell. License FormZ, Vectorworks 2020, Acad 2020 using servers as well, never had any problems with them.
So, maybe it is about the RLM server??? Nearly 3 months since the issue, no solution.
Hopefully somebody is able to give me any information about solving structural this 'structural' problem.
Thank you in advance, Hugo
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By Forum Moderator
Hello Hugo,

I would try the following:
please navigate to /Library/LaunchDaemons/ and copy the file com.nextlimit.maxwellrlm.plist
Then browse to /Library/LaunchAgents/ and paste it there.
You can test if it works after logging out and in again. The RLM should show in Activity Monitor and should be reachable by typing in a browser localhost:5054

I hope this helps.
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