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Hi there,
I recently noticed on the FormZ forum where one user was informed of NextLimits intention to stop supporting the MaxwellZ plugin. If this is true it is a game changer for me (in the negative sense). I have invested in Maxwell upgrades, licences, assets and a huge amount of time finessing my MZ workflow. I have also spend a huge amount of €’s on the Maxwell cloud render service. As a self employed single person company I don’t have the time or resources to start with new 3d software which will still be supported by NL. I happen to love working in FormZ so my choice of render engine will have to change. I am pretty devastated because I believed in Maxwell to rise again to the level it was back in the day when it sparked the non-biased realism rendering revolution. So I’m asking NL to please reconsider and continue support for MaxwellZ until FormZ 10 is released to see if the uptake improves.
On a side not, I always credit Maxwell in my Twitter posts and continually post on the Fz forum in support of Maxwell. My wife is Spanish and she agrees with me :lol:

Por favor :D

By Gary

I am also a Maxwell / FormZ user. At a minimum it would be good if the Maxwell team could just keep the plug in working. Even if new features are not supported.

Also, please let us know if there are no plans to continue support.


Gary Helfand
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By Brian Buxton
I'm not sure that Nextlimit monitor this forum or the FormZ forum that closely.
If you want to hang on to the FormZ plugin I suggest raising a support ticket asking for it to be maintained. It won't work if it is just one customer, we all need to chime in.
To be viable there also needs to be a bit more involvement from Autodessys. The issue I raised concerning smooth shading artefacts occurs in Twinmotion too.
Both Autodessys and Nextlimit shy away from dialogue, so the best strategy is to force engagement via the support system. It is part of what you are paying for when you purchase a license.

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