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I'm creating a top-down render of a hotel room (with the roof cut off) and I want to block the sun's shadows from entering the room. I want to see the sun's shadows on the patio of the room, and light-spills through the windows onto the furniture in the room. Inside the room, I want only the nice, even dome lighting.

I have a plane positioned on top of the room which is blocking the sun AND the dome lighting. I set the plane to Hide From Camera - Enabled, so the plane does not show up in the render, but that blocks ALL the light from the environment.

Can I set my plane to block only the sun and not the dome lighting? Is there some other clever way to do this (without using emitters)?
You could make the ceiling plane you have an emitter and adjust the intensity to get diffuse lighting in the room.

The only other way I can see is to 2 renders of the different lighting scenarios and composite them together afterwards.

Generally I use a combination of hdri and a full ceiling emitter when doing a 3D floor plan. I find an emitter that covers the entire plan really helps even out the lighting across the rooms where there may be a different in exposure depending on amount of natural light coming in.
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