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By mataklap
Hi all,

Use maxwell for a long time (v3); i have a question that cant seem to find online or in a demo.

if I only purchase an update to maxwell 5, is the Maxwell Fire still limited to a max resolution of 1920x1920?

I want to render larger, and if thats not possible its not worth it to upgrade imho - what would be the next best thing. Can I export sketchup into maxwell studio? and is it as straight forward?

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SketchUp has no full production render limitations on resolution as far as I am aware once licensed... With the FIRE preview, it seems like it is limited to 1920 in width whether the production/Draft, or GPU render is selected. I don't really see a need to render higher res just in the sketchup window whilst adjusting things. For higher res previews you could do a draft mode render instead of FIRE though and if you don't need a full production quality render.

Not sure if Studio has the same limitation with FIRE.

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