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By George Lentz 20200212154420
I am trying to use proxies for my components for the 1st time, but when I enable Proxies the file export fails. It works OK when proxies are disabled. I am using the "FILE_NAME_proxy" naming convention as I understand it. I even made sure that "proxy" was lower case thinking that had something to do with it. This is true for Fire and Render.
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By Alberto Cadahia
Hello George Lentz,
thanks for your post. I have tried on SU 2020, and proxies are working correctly for me. Then I saw in your image attached that you have misspelled the name of the proxy. You've missed the '_' character in proxies' name, it should be exactly the same name as the original asset but adding "_proxy" (lowercase) at the end. So in your case the proxy shoud be "Azalea_Pink_proxy".

Hope this was the issue.

Thank you. I had been looking at this so long, I just didn't see. I went back and fixed this instance, and indeed it now works. I also had a few other samples of proxies. I have purged them and started over. I think that one bad apple may have spoiled the bunch.

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