Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.

I just wanted to let you know we are already testing the integrated material editor in Rhino 6. :) The interface may change a bit (currently it's too small) and we will have a Maxwell generated preview, but it's not there yet:

Rhino material editor.png
You may notice it is already loading Rhino procedural textures.

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We were planning it for the next week, but we found some problems with texture orientation and real-scale mapping that we wanted to get right. Also, the material preview generated by Maxwell is giving some trouble. We needed to ask some details to McNeel, so it may delay a couple of weeks in my opinion.
The Covid-19 situation can also distort the estimation a bit.

Apart from this, the list of bug fixes and improvements is quite big already.

I've tested your Rhino mac plugin

Good work guys! The editing of the material directly in the Rhino window is a step forward.

What I would like to see is when I do render a scene and change the values of lights in the render window once I close the scene and return to Rhino it updates those values. So when I do restart the render I do not have to change the values again!

Please do keep in tight contact with McNeel to perfectionize the integration further and further!

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