Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
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By Forester
Apologies, didn't see this until now.

Click on the Object, Select the "Appearance" tab within the "Object Parameters" box.
For MR 4, just look below on the Appearance Panel to find "Smoothing." The default value is "60.00." Increase this value for more smoothing.
For MR 5, first click in the "ADVANCED" box to open up this panel. Then look down in the Panel for the Smoothing parameter.

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By Forum Moderator
Hello Bathsheba,

In theory, this should be handled by the 3D app, however the plugin for Rhino 5 also offers a smoothing option here:

Anotación 2020-02-07 110008.png
In the plugin for Rhino 6 it's not implemented yet, but Rhino should be able to handle the smoothing when exporting too, if I'm not wrong.

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