Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
Hello Next Limit Team,

After creating named views in rhino and running multiple renders at the same time depending on those views, the export may not take the selected views into account.
I therefore stop rendering improper in Maxwell render; I reselect the good view (camera) and restart the rendering.

So there is a bug to correct, because if I made renders with the maxwell monitor, I would not realize it ... and many renderings would not be good.
Hello team,

I'm going back to this topic, because there is still no change regarding this rendering problem with unwanted views.
Nothing has changed with the update
It is very painful, because you have to systematically stop the rendering in progress, to reselect the good view.

In addition, the fact of not having kept the autonaming of files is really a big handicap, when we are rendering for product design like me.
In the creation process, I render in bursts and I really have no time to waste with the simple settings that worked perfectly before.

I add to my subject, the instability of Rhino linked to the plug in. Crash at any time.

These problems really need to be corrected quickly, because professionally it is no longer bearable ... I risk choosing another rendering engine to avoid the hassles.
Hello Thierry,

I can confirm some inconsistencies there. I remember testing this at some point and it was working fine, however, it looks like the problem came back.
As a workaround, when launching a render, load the mxs file and change the camera in the dropdown. We'll try to have it fixed for the next release.


I found a workaround, that can be a bit uncomfortable, but it works as far as I have tested: If you save the Rhino file and open it again, the named views will start working as expected and the plugin will acknowledge the named view changes.
I think the problem comes with the named views created in the same session.

I hope this softens the problem a bit.
I have the following issue, don't know if it is the same one described above.

In Rhino mac I have active camera C, but when I render it renders me camera B.
Is there a field in Rhino where I have to select the camera or should Maxwell render the active one?
Hi Achim, yes, it looks like it's the same bug.

There are a couple of workarounds: saving the rhino file and opening it again seems to work; also, when you click to render, you can stop the render in Maxwell and change the camera in the camera panel and launch it again.

I hope this helps until this is fixed.

Thanks Fernando!

I think I found another small bug. Sometimes when in Maxwell I hit the key "h" to hide or show the panels Maxwell crashes unexpectedly.

There are a few other things which would benefit the workflow:
a) each named view/camera in Rhino should "remember" the camera values such as iso, shutter, f-stop and so on. Just like in the real world.
I don't know how this is supposed to work, but on my computer sometimes it "forgets" the values so I have to set them again and again.
b) Multilight sliders in Rhino. One could adjust the light values very easily/organically and check in Maxwell fire if the result is good. Once promising you start the real render.

You guys have done an excellent job, Maxwell 5 in Rhino 6 mac is a big step forward.
Just keep in mind the workflow. It has to be as easy as possible. As not to say idiot proof.

Thanks a lot.
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