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By mjcherry
I would like to know the following:

1) Is the stability of Fire being addressed in v5 for Maya?

2) When do we think the Maya plugin for OS X will launch?

3) Is Maxwell Render suited to complex scenes with heavy geometry and lots of high res textures and lights?

I ask the last question because it seems to me that most folks here use it for either Archviz or Product Viz. That's cool - the incredible realism and photographic controls is what drew me to the program on the advice of Joseph Francis. I wanted the most photorealistic render engine available and, at the time, that appeared to be Maxwell. Today, however, I'm seeing fantastic photorealistic images coming out of Arnold, Renderman, Octane and others. I've been experimenting with Renderman and a bit with Arnold and I never have the kind of crashes using their interactive preview the way I do with Fire. No matter what I throw at it, they just chug along.

I tend to create large scale scenes for background plates. Sometimes they are quite simple, other times they are a bit more complicated, and they are almost always geo and texture heavy. I also tend to use lots of small lights in my scenes. If Maxwell is the wrong tool for the job, I'd like to know. I'm trying really hard to stay with my favorite render engine, but it's getting tough to do so.

Hello there! I use Maxwell for full scene development as well and have not had problems of crashing on complex scenes. However, I tend to use Maxwell Studio for full scene development, rather than my Maxwell for Maya. In my humble opinion, it is easier to make the final composition of the scene elements, and significantly easier to apply and tweak the materials and the lighting in Studio. Maxwell for Maya is OK, but I find it awkward. Also, just an opinion, ... I am decent at Arnold (the current version of Arnold 6 for Maya 2020 is a marvel!), but between the two of them, Maxwell is far, far better for final renders. Just my opinion.

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