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By Kevin Sauvageau
Been using Maxwell 5 extensively since its release.

It seems that the Low Priority Render setting isn't working as it used to.

My renders go from a 2000-750 Benchmark when only the render is working. The minute I start other tasks with other software the benchmark drops to 150.
Its like the Low Priority render setting is always enabled. Something that wasn't an issue in V4.

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By Forum Moderator
Hello Kevin,

You can check in the Task Manager > Details tab, you can check in which priority is Maxwell actually running (right-click on maxwell.exe and go to set priority).
Here the priority setting seems to be working fine. Maybe we can look somewhere else to find the performance problem.

Are you using several Custom Alpha channels by any chance? There used to be one problem related to them in Maxwell 4 (although it was supposed to be fixed in Maxwell 5). Are you using anything special in that scene?

Kind regards,
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By Kevin Sauvageau
Thank you for the workaround.
When the render is slow, the priority is set in windows to below normal, even if the low priority render option isn't selected. .
Manually changing it to normal fixes the issue.

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