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By jojojoj
lurking around in the nextlimit portal logged in I saw you can upgrade the plugin for Cinema 4D to version R5.
No announcement around here, so the question is, is this compatible with C4D R21 and is this the actual upgrade promo AND black friday offer?
Edit: I might add that it is not available through the regular product website where it is still "coming soon".
You are right. We have announced on social media and emails but not here in the forum.
Cinema4d is on pre-order period. It will be compatible with R21. And the promo is pre-order promo, that is a little better than black friday's one.
The promo will end as soon as we realease the plugin. We will tell one or two days before releasing, so you don't find the promo is over with no advice.
It's taking longer than we expected. That's why this so long pre-order period. We are focusing to launch all together, maxwell 5.0.2 and all the plugins updates to 5.0.2 and the new plugins that are on preprocess. With the hollydays being so near I expect somewhere after hollydays, but we have no extactly date yet.

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