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Andreas, these are most excellent tutorials and a lot of work went into this, thank you! Really top grade results.

Maxwell Render needs more content like this and has for a long time since the apparent departure of the undisputed Maxwell guru, Mihai from the forums.

Micah's comment regarding quality textures is very much on point. I spent a long time wondering where that magic render button was, before I realised that the textures I used were rubbish and bringing my renders down. Of course I was also constrained at the time by my hardware back in 2009. Nowadays, we are spoilt for choice.

For any new users out there, especially professional users, investing in a decent texture repository will pay for itself very quickly.
Andreas Hopf wrote:
Fri Mar 10, 2023 11:03 pm
Thanks. This viewtopic.php?p=401601#p401601 is quite interesting and likely to be the future. Right now the 2k resolution is lacking for close-ups, and the normalmaps and roughness maps are not very good. But I'm sure AI textures will mature very rapidly.
Have you tried something like Topaz Labs AI gigapixel to upscale the textures?

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