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By feynman
Another example using the cubic projection. The viewport shows 1x1m tiles. FIRE and the renderer render 1.5m tiles as set in the Override Map.
By the way, the Mirror X and Y check boxes don't result in the texture being mirrored as such, but every second represetation of it. In case one's U or V is pointing in the wrong direction, a plain mirroring would be more useful.
By feynman
Maybe a better example of the

1. texture in Viewport and FIRE not matching bug and
2. material forgetting what to display in Textured Decal mode bug.

Hope that helps to pinpoint the two issues!

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
By feynman
An extension of this bug; when assigning another material (also a Random UVs material) to some objects, their display in the Viewport turns generic. However, FIRE shows they render correctly, and the texture to be displayed from the material (here the d map) has not automagically changed; re-selecting the already correctly selected texture to be displayed updates the Viewport.
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