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Hi Seguier,

I can reproduce what you describe here however, that's an undetermined situation and, probably, that's why the engine doesn't know what to do. The texture is applied to the surface of the object but does not define what happens right under it. I think it would be easier to do what you try using 3d noise mode or with a particles or openVDB file.

Kind regards,
Thanks Fernando
If this will work in the next releases so no need to use Maxwell volumetric Field type: Noise3D, it will be enough and accept voronoi, noise , and marble textures
and i think we can create volumetric clouds , i tried something like that and looks good in fire
Can you confirm if you can fix that in the next release?
Openvdb and particles need to use 3d softwares , in this case i prefer use maxwell and i think developers can make this better to use 3d textures which is very useful to create breads, foam, snow ...etc

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