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I've set up a simulated experiment where a beam of light is passed through a prism. SSS is active to illuminate the path travelled.

I am still on v4 (being on a Mac, the new version offered nothing to entice me to upgrade) so perhaps this has been fixed in v5.

I have attached the rendered file (apologies for the prism itself being hard to see) along with the scene file. You will notice three beams of light resulting – reflected beam from the incident surface, refracted exit beam as well as a secondary exit from some internal reflection.

These beams all look as expected. However the internal beam appears to travel a path following a linear path from the source. I believe it should be almost horizontal, joining the entry and exit points.

Could someone please tell me whether the same things happens with v5, and whether I have my physics understanding wrong?
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I think that refractions are rendering physically correct for refractions. But for SSS the refractions are somehow ignored. It's a bit strange, because there was a statement for Maxwell 3.2 in it's time, that SSS rendering speed has been increased substantially. And the same internal ray behaviour in SSS material is visible in Maxwell v3.2.1.5 and v5.1.1.33 as well. Maybe this is some kind of optimization, which is not useful in this kind of scenes. It would be good to have a checkbox for SSS - 'Use surface refractions'. Because sometimes it's looking really odd on the edges of not very dense SSS objects, where a lot of light comes through and they shine unnaturally.

The image below is from Maxwell v5.1.1.33.


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