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By EG69
It's been a long time since I needed to do 3D, and recently I have a new project, so I started dusting off my software. I'd done several architectural jobs with Sketchup and Maxwell, but now need to use something more geometrical horsepower... In my earlier works, that was modo. It was a pretty big shock to see that I can't upgrade Maxwell and use it with Modo any longer.

For what it's worth, that leaves a really bad taste in my mouth having invested time and money into that toolchain.

Is there any plan to support modo again, or have those customers just been abandoned?
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By Forum Moderator

I'm afraid that supporting Modo is not in the roadmap. There were so few customers that it didn't justify the investment.

Maybe you could use Studio. There are two possible workflows and a combination of both: import the geometry into Studio or sync the geometry while keepiing the material changes using the Asset Reference extension object through fbx, obj or dae (it is explained here: https://blog.maxwellrender.com/tips/how ... ll-studio/).

I hope this helps.

By EG69
Well, that's a drag.. but thanks for the link to a possible Studio workflow.

In the long run I guess I'll need to either dump Modo or Maxwell.

Edit - Looking at the link, it seems like that can work for me on this job, so thanks a bunch for that reference, Fernando.

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