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By mjcherry
Looking at doing some new promo pieces and am just assembling some concepts now. I would like to do something similar to this, perhaps, but not sure how I would go about rendering it. Thoughts are welcome!
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By Max
i would probably split the render in 2, and make 2 separate renders.

- first one just an ocean with the upper part of the iceberg, you can not see trough the water
- second one, the iceberg as a whole with no water

might want to mask per object ID.
then composite everything in photoshop :)
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By Mark Bell
This isn't the type of work my office would do, but at a guess:
1. model the iceberg as you want it to look with correct materials,
2. model a full depth rectangle for the ocean with the iceberg inside it,
3. use Realflow (NL) ocean or source a good ocean/water material off the Maxwell Materials site,
4. a second plane or 3D slab element closer to the camera with ocean/water applied may also be needed to give the underwater depth appearance?
5. use some artificial lighting to uplight the base etc.
I think the key is to get the depth effect in the water including the surface ripples. It will be interesting to see how you make this work.
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By Mark Bell
another item: the rectangle/3D slab for the ocean may also need another 3D element wrapped around it and set to a dark material to prevent light extending to the lower depths to simulate the darkness further down?

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