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Hello everybody from Italy!

As you may know, due to Covid 19, Italy is in lockdown.
Probably lots of you are in the same situation..

Our design office now is working from home and each one of us has brought his workstation home.

Luckily by now we are all working well from home, mostly in Rhino, Photoshop and Keyshot.
If we need files from the office server we use (a very slow) VPN.

Here is my question:
For specific renderings we rely on Maxwell 4 that we all have installed as a Floating license.
The problem now is that without our local network we can't launch a rendering.
What can we do abut that?

We don't know how long this situation wil go on but can Next Limit please help us out here temporarily?

Or is there any other tecnical solution I'm not aware of?

We all have internet access, but as I sayd our VPN is very slow and used only one user at a time..
Can't see how we can establish a remote network for license sharing form the license managing computer or something similar..

We may switch to Keyshot for our beauty render, but it is not desired..

Is there anything you can do about that to help us use Maxwell again?

Well. We really understand the situation. As you know, Next Limit office is in Madrid, and we have lockdown too. The entire Next Limit staff is working from home.

From support they are handling this kind of situations. Depending on your particular situation, they can help you configure the new working environment, changing the float license. Even, they can send you some temporal limited node locked license, maybe.

Please ask support, explain your particular situation, and they will help.

Thank you very much for you fast and kind reply!

I will do as you suggested and try to put in contact the right persons!

I understand is a very difficult moment, especially in Spain/Madrid as we see on the news every day and we are with you!

I wish you all the best and we pray for a fast recovery of he sick and for the victims!

Forza Espana!
Hello Luis!

I was contacted by Daniela and she kindly granted node locked license for a limited time!
Very kind!

I just can't understand what exactly we need to do...
maybe you can help me with this technical problem:

she wrote:
"We have just gave you 9 NFR's for Node-Locked licenses for Maxwell 4 Studio.

You can now assign them to your teams here: https://portal.nextlimit.com/products

You just have to set the Host ID's and everything should work as usual."

but to me everything looks just the same.. serial numer and Host ID.
also downloaded license file is the same form 2018..

I also launched Maxwell 4 and tried to activate it.. though it did not work out either..
also I don't know what the Gateway should be..

sorry, but am I missing something?
I'm afraid I have no idea how gateway works, never used it. All I can help is to say, you can check the host id on any machine opening maxwell and checking the console.
It says:
This machine Host ID: XXXXXXXXXXX

If you need help setting up maybe you can ask support, or maybe Fernando see this and give you more info.
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