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By pjmc377
I preordered the update back in November and waited. I didn't mind the wait to have a dependable renderer. I'm in the middle of a big job so I contacted my two render farms to check they were ok with V5 before I start using it. They both told me not to update and stay on V4 as they are having trouble with either compatibility or licensing agreements.

Maxwell is slow. it was always the weakness and the solution is render farms. if you dont support them, we cannot use your product.

I am in the ridiculous position of still using V4 to get this job finished.
By pjmc377
Rebus has advised not to upgrade. Worked with them for years and not in a position to experiment with a new farm mid project.
By luis.hijarrubia
We are in contact with them and we are trying to help so they can have maxwell 5 running as soon as posible. We are willing that every farm supports Maxwell 5, so this is not a reason of customers not buying maxwell 5.
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I use Rebus as my main render farm, and have done so for a number of years now. I was a bit surprised that they didn't support v5 after all this time and so I ended up having to downgrade my SketchUp plugin to v4 to be able to export it to the render farm. Fortunately SketchUp 2020 is now released and I have v5 on that, while SU2019 still has v4 installed to handle any future render farm projects.

It would be nice if in both Studio and all plugins there was a way to save back to a v4 .mxs file so I could open it up in my v4 Maxwell Studio and do things like export to render farms that don't support v5 yet.

I recently purchased some cloud time for the Next Limit render farm and it was a smooth and pleasant experience overall, so this is also an option now. I'm not sure how it compares speed/cost wise to other farms yet though, but will be testing it out further in due course.
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