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By mojo
Hi there,

the 'Open job' button and 'preview job button' in the monitor app don't work here with maxwellrender 5.0.2 installed.

What could cause this ?

Thanks for your support,

best regards
Hello Thorsten,

Are you working in local or cloud mode?

In the cloud mode, you won't be able to see a preview until the "available preview" icon shows for each job. It first takes some time to wake up the machine and start rendering, so it may take some minutes to show a preview (usually a minute and a half after the render has started). Also, the button to open won't be available until the result of the job has been downloaded.

available preview icon.png

If you refer to the local mode, I can reproduce the issue about the preview here. It doesn't seem to be sending the request preview command. The open job folder button, on the other hand, works fine here once the job has finished successfully.
As a workaround, you can go to the render node > File menu > Open Temp folder and then check the image it is rendering there.

I'll report the problem to the developers. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Hello Fernando,

thanks for your message, I was working in the local mode.
I'll try your workaround, but of course it would be nice to have a merged preview soon to be able to decide wether the sl is high enough to stop the render.

best Regards,

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