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By vizport

I've installed Maxwell Render V5 and I can't see any difference to V4 regarding 4K compatibility. There is no slider to scale the items in the app like in Speedtree for example. My 2 4K Monitors are not scaling anything. Everthing is exactly like in V4. In preferences there is a text Scalar makes no big difference / seems to scale the timeline? Please explain further and develope a fix for this. It was advertised to fully work with 4K Monitors now.
By luis.hijarrubia
The problem that we faced was that the text was illegible and some widgets cover other widgets. Now everything it's on place. With the product out, some inconsistencies have been pointed out. A problem with fonts on mac and some texts having different sizes it's already solved, and will be out on 5.0.2. And we are working on others like higher resolution icons. But we have no plans to have anything like a size slider on short time. But if there is high demand we will think about it.
By Bernard Bunuan
Has anything been done about 4K monitor support? I recently bought a 4K monitor and the menu items are too small in Maxwell Render 5.1
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