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By shen.de
u serious? this is all stuff that should have been in a hotfix for v.4 ! ... they didnt get anything done. GPU is still not useable. no wonder they didn't react to any question regarding full GPU integration on the social media platforms. because there is none...
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By Raphael Tobar
I'm not saying version 4 was a good release/cycle. I've already posted my defense on Facebook. Companies have their highs and lows, and even mistakes. They could've discontinued Maxwell but they didn't, and it's still being improved. It's not the first time something like this happened with other companies. I agree that it's unfortunate but it's not productive to be worried about what could've happened 2 years ago. Other software went through similar problems, and they're able to get back up. I've experienced it, so I wouldn't be so harsh. Just it shouldn't happen all the time.
By shen.de
it's just the disappointment about my favourite render engine being brought down from within ...

I was using it since alpha. pre ordered the full v1 during beta phase. and it was awesome... then the RC debakle (only old users will remember). then then they seemed to recover with v.2 but got outlcassed by other engine by the time v.3 arrived. than the recent v.4 desaster ...

I long moved to vray and in recent years to corona for production but because of the good memories I stuck around. any maybe I was hoping for a glimpse at old times with v.5 but I guess I can lay my hopes to rest now.
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By Raphael Tobar 20191030163818
I'm sorry you feel that way. I discovered Maxwell between v 2/3 and was blown away. I promised myself to get a license one day. I wasn't a user until v4, so I'm fairly recent.

I use Octane and recently VRay. But if I had to put my bet on still images it's Maxwell. Seeing them alive and going makes me glad that their vision is getting closer to GPU, slowly but surely.

I know I sound apologetic but overall I like what Next Limit has offered over the years.

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