Everything related to the plugin for AfterEffects.
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By Brany
The plug-in for OSX is currently discontinued. It seems that there are not enough users in OSX for it. The last version is for Maxwell 3. Do you use it frequently?
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By Nasok
Well .. what are the difference between OSX After effects users and Windows after effects users ?

It is the same software .. I do. I used it mainly for simplicity of channel extract, and generally was more convenient, altho pretty buggy.

But what about Photoshop ? also discontinued ? That would be so ridiculous.
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By Brany
Photoshop for OSX is still supported. Take into account that both plug-ins are for free. The photoshop one is easy to maintain, but the After Effects one not (not easy for OSX, but is pretty easy for Windows).

You are the first user asking about the After Effects plug-in for OSX since we released Maxwell 4, so please understand that we can't give resources to a free plug-in with a really low usage. Anyway, we will try to spend some time on this, but we can't promise anything!
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By mjcherry
You can very easily import a Photoshop file into After Effects. My workflow, when I need AE, is to open the MXI in PS, save as a PSD, and then import that into AE. You can also import a layered EXR file.
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