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By AndreasAM

Is there any indication for an plugin update to the new Sketchup version 2019?
I have also posted some questions and opinions in my support portal regarding the Sketchup/ Maxwell plugin, some days ago, as an answer to your request

Perhaps you could look into it again?

Thanks, regards,

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By Forum Moderator
We are looking into getting the plugin ready for 2019. We'll release it as soon as possible.

May I know your account name or the case number?

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Hi Fernando,

I logged in to ask this very same question! Good news that the plugin will be updated to work with SketchUp 2019... Previously we have waited a month or so for it to be released IIRC, hopefully it will not take a huge amount of re-work and we can look forward to a similar time-frame, if not quicker. I also hope that the issue of renamed materials not able to be edited has been addressed! Link here to original thread: viewtopic.php?f=154&t=45046.

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By AndreasAM
Hi Fernando,
Thanks for the quick update, will wait for the update in anticipation!
My casenumber is #00025707 , would appreciate a reaction on stated experiences, problems and suggestions for improvements on the Mac-plugin, as you asked me.


Andreas Meulenbroek
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