Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
By CRhinoManIA
and give copy of maxwell studio to ones who bought the Rhino plugin so they could use that solution (or import .obj so they could work)
Hi Fernando,

is there some news, or some more detailed timeline ? This topic has almost 20 000 views... Should we still wait ? I know, You wrote something in other topic - that question about MWR future is sensitive, but ...

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By Peter Dang

I am a director of visualizations for Nordic Office of Architecture which is a part of Norconsult here in Norway. After reading these comments, I really hope that Rhino 6 support will soon be available. Please be aware of the fact that Rhino has a solid fondation in our industry but moreover, there are HUGE companies like us that move FAST so if we don't have answers, then we simply move on. I personally do not want to see Maxwell/Next Limit lose. Please do not let us down. Thank you,

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By Forum Moderator
Hello dear Maxwell for Rhino users,

As the plugin is growing fast this time, I wanted to show you a small teaser.

Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uxZDv ... 3YOZkpquTP


We decided to go for a more integrated style and build Maxwell tools and options inside Rhino's panels. This has some benefits as you can see in the video (Maxwell's sky following Rhino's sun). Also, as you may notice, we will have a special Maxwell Environment, so you may create several of them, store them, or load them.
Please, don't take the interface for granted, as many things may change.
There are already a lot of things working so we expect to have a public first version soon.

What do you think?

Kind regards,
yeah.. looking promising!

I guess you are aware of the geometry offset between maxwell FIRE and the rhino viewport Wireframe. (selected wall geometry)

The old plugin didn't have that, and it is important that these match exactly, if one needs to overlay wireframe/vector drawings from rhino over the maxwell rendered images ;)
By acrighton
Hi Fernando,

The obvious question is TIMING... when does NL anticipate having initial release and a formally released product? I fear this may be too little too late, as many MR users have already jumped ship. Like many other MR users, I have been evaluating other render options due to lack of progress/direction. Sadly, it'll take a lot to convince me to stay the course with MR.

PS., it's not too late for NL to reevaluate the V4 licensing fiasco, that's probably the single biggest reason for it's demise as a premier render engine.
Thanks Fernando, finally some progress :-). I have some suggestions for development. The longest part of my work now is to setup materials. It will be very useful to make some automatic Rhino material converter or at least Rhino to Maxwell material duplicator. Of course it would be perfect to have all material properties converted, but for start it will be enough to have all Rhino materials from the scene duplicated to Maxwell for later tweaking. And somehow I liked Fire to have in extra window with switch to viewport window. Also will there be support for stereo output and procedural textures, or do we need to use studio for that as in the past? Thanks again. Pa3k
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By Forum Moderator
Hello Pa3k,

We are already converting automatically all the Rhino materials from this list:

Rhino material conversion.png
But I think it can be a good idea to be able to transform a particular material into a Maxwell version so you can keep tweaking from there.

The current public plugin for Rhino 5 is able to use stereo lenses, so I think they will be there too however, those special lenses are not planned for the first version unless they are easy for Márton to add them as the priority is to have a usable plugin as quickly as possible. Regarding procedural textures, I would love to have them integrated too. Let's see what we can do. For sure we will be able to use them through mxm files, but that's not ideal.

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By Laurence Clifford
Hi Fernando,

Looks like a great direction to take given the almost instantaneous feedback expected out of renderers these days like octane, unreal and lumion these days.

This is an interesting video by a hollywood concept artist, especially around the 12 & 16 minute marks of how an integrated render window would ideally peform.
https://cineversity.com/vidplaylist/nab ... en_messing
Things such as the following

- Multiple loaded HDRIs to play and move around the lighting in real time
- Combined HDRI & physical lighting as per regular maxwell
- GPU support for this window to allow for scaleable response times based on computer hardware
- Ideally a maxwell glass available in this real time render window. Generally basic rhino materials look ok in maxwell but the plugin glass is what makes all the difference.
- Artists are doing really impressive stuff with displacement mapping these days so ideally displacement mapping the real time viewport although understand this may be too slow.
- No Crashing as it kills the workflow
- The use of maxwell needs to move beyond the technical aspects so users can spend their time focusing on the design/artistic outcomes. Client expectations these days are extremely high. I think the simplicity of the Maxwell interface is still well placed to achieve this compared to say a Vray which is fairly unintelligible to a lay person.

Hope that's of some help.


By Polyxo
I can appreciate not having a plugin for Rhino 6 and repeated developer change is quite a serious problem for you. Yes, I get that one needs to rewrite the plugin to support both Windows and Mac – and yes, I understand that it it's a lot easier and quicker to use the native GUI toolkit.

This little screencast still marked the final farewell to me.

Maxwell users on the Rhino platform were spoiled brats for more than a decade. While Rhino, the host program still looked like like Win 95 in 2006 JD built a shiny, perfectly non modal GUI for your software. Besides good looking and fully skinable standard windows JD build slick controls like the Camera LCD, nifty productivity features to spinners and clever component reuse into the plugin. The Maxwell for Rhino plugin without any question was the best developed render plugin for Rhino – that was even accepted by Vray users who had to live with a far inferior Rhino-plugin.

Now reverting to the GDR aestetics and Trabant functionality of the default Render toolkit is such a terrible step into the past – I have no words.
Even Vray for Rhino looks (and works) darn good nowadays....

You guys need to impress people, so that they chose to further work with your product. Please start.
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