Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
By JDHill
Version 3.0.0

Scene Manager
  • Re-worked Camera, Environment, and Output UIs.
  • Added Camera > Aperture > Lens.
  • Added Camera > Aperture > Custom Bokeh.
  • Sun UI is now decoupled from Physical Sky.
  • Added Custom Sun Type and Color.
  • Added Sun Radius Factor.
  • Added Output > Channels > Deep.
  • Added Output > Channels > Alpha Custom.
  • Added Output > Custom Alphas group.
Material Editor
  • Added Material > Type (found in top tree node).
  • Added Material > Type > AGS.
  • Added Material > Type > Opaque.
  • Added Material > Type > Transparent.
  • Added Material > Type > Translucent.
  • Added Material > Type > Metal.
  • Added Material > Type > Car Paint.
  • Added top node > right-click > Switch To > AGS, Opaque, etc.
  • Rewrote Emitter UI.
  • Added support for light projector emitters.
  • Rewrote Texture Editor.
  • Added Texture Editor > Use Override.
  • Added Texture Editor > Rotation.
  • Added Texture Editor > Mirror X & Y.
  • Added Texture Editor > Hue.
  • New texture params are shown in the preview.
  • Rewrote Displacement UI.
  • Added new displacement parameters.
Object Properties
  • Added Opacity.
  • Added Backface Material.
  • Added Boolean parameter
  • Added Custom Alpha Channels.
  • Added Smoothing.
  • Added Subdivision.
  • Quads are now exported, when available.
Maxwell Sea Extension (new)
  • Produces a sea surface generated using RealFlow technology.
Maxwell Volumetric Extension (new)
  • Produces Constant, Noise 3D, or Particle-based volumetric.
  • Optimized initial loading of plugin UIs.
  • Rhino Clipping Planes are exported as Boolean planes.
By JDHill
Version 3.0.3

  • Added new Maxwell_RemoveUnusedMaterials command.
  • Added new real-time features for Maxwell Sea extension.
  • Zero-thickness Volumetric & Sea are now auto-corrected.
  • Plugins now point to the Next Limit support site for help.
  • Updated to Maxwell 3.0 icons in toolbars and installers.
  • Cameras from linked blocks were read into the current 3DM.
  • Camera settings for standard views were not always saved.
  • Maxwell FIRE resolution was mistakenly clamped to 720 px.
  • Active texture path could be set to the name of a directory.
  • Pack & Go was mistakenly leaving out displacement maps.
  • Worked around a registry bug with the MSI installers.
  • Readme files mistakenly referred to Maxwell 2.7.20.
  • Extensions could fail to be removed in some cases.
  • The current camera could initially be unset in Maxwell FIRE.
By JDHill
Version 3.0.5

  • Switched to Maxwell SDK binaries.
  • Switched to using local versions of extensions.
  • Added new Maxwell Scatter extension.
  • Added Materials list grouping capability.
  • Added Output > Export > Displacement option.
  • Added Output > Export > Dispersion option.
  • Added Output > Export > Motion Blur option.
  • Added a command for updating MXS references.
  • Added customization of FIRE window background.
  • Added new camera Focus method options.
  • Added Transparent > Dispersion parameter.
  • Removed +/- 100% Shift Lens limits.
  • Remove Unused Materials missed Grass materials.
  • Some extensions were missed when exporting a 3DM.
  • Lumen/Candela items were swapped in the Emitter UI.
  • Material names were not updated in the Layers list.
  • Global map was not correctly read from MXM files.
  • Important: Maxwell is crashing with MXS References containing instances; this also affects MXS References used in the plugin, as well as the new Maxwell Scatter feature, which operates in terms of MXS References. The workaround is to disable instances when exporting an MXS intended to be used for referencing (which is not generally a bad idea, regardless). This is important to note both for the use of MXS references, and because the new Maxwell Scatter extension is implemented in terms of MXS References.

    Regarding the Materials list grouping feature, in the top-level properties of a Material, you will find there is a new "Group" parameter, located just below the Material's name; this is used to group materials in the Materials list. Since there is no corresponding property in an MXM file, a subtle hack is used to add grouping support in MXMs: in the MXM Description field, if you type group=name at the end of the description, the plugin will find this, and use name to group the MXM, when it is imported.

    In the Materials list context menu, you will also find a new "Set Group" item, which is used to set the Group name for all currently-selected materials. Note that groups are not shown when using the "List" display mode; this is not a bug, grouping is simply not supported by the underlying UI framework in this display mode. And before you ask, neither is it supported (also by the underlying UI framework) to collapse groups in the UI; I tried using various hacks to enable this, but they all ended up making the list component unstable.

    Lastly, it is quite a big change to move to using local versions (they are installed in a MaxwellDotNET subdirectory of ProgramData) of extensions, so please let me know if you notice any problems.
By JDHill
Version 3.0.6

  • Camera parameter values could be lost.
  • Paths with non-English characters could fail.
  • The Update Linked MXM function was not working.
By JDHill
Version 3.1.0
  • Update to Maxwell 3.1.0 binaries
  • Add Camera Response
  • Add Exposure Presets
  • Add Floating Shadows (FIRE)
  • Add Floating Reflections (FIRE)
  • Add White Point
  • Add Tint
  • Add Render Zone
  • Add Hide to Camera in Shadow Ch.
  • Add Spotlight Emitter mode
  • Add Material Custom Alphas
  • Add Release License function
  • Fix Select Assigned Extensions
  • Ignore Linked MXM now defaults to off
By JDHill
Version 3.1.1
  • Update to Maxwell 3.1.1 binaries
  • Extra Sampling feature was not working from the plugin
By JDHill
Version 3.1.3
  • Update to Maxwell Render 3.1.1 binaries
  • Maxwell FIRE was restarting unnecessarily in some situations
  • Add support for OpenVDB (i.e. Volume File) to Volumetric extension
  • Add new Maxwell_SetMaxwellSeaReferenceTime command
  • Add more parameters to Maxwell_EnvironmentSettings command
  • Add more parameters to Maxwell_OutputSettings command
  • Color param was not working properly in the Transparent material type
By JDHill
Version 3.1.5
  • Update to Maxwell libs.
  • Add material Priority.
  • Add PSD output support.
  • Add new Output modes.
  • Add Reflectance Channel output.
  • Add Maxwell Sea Repeat U/V params.
  • Add Maxwell Scatter Uniform Scale param.
  • Add Maxwell Scatter Remove Overlapped param.
By JDHill
Version 3.1.6
  • Update to Maxwell RC1 libs.
  • Allow dragging files to IBL channel paths.
  • Add "Grow toward World Y" to MaxwellGrass.
  • Add Maxwell_SetDefaultSubdivisionType command.
  • Add selected-only capability to Maxwell_ExtractMaterials.
  • Remove 255 search dirs max limit.
  • Add max search depth limit of 10.
By JDHill
Version 3.2.1
  • Update to Maxwell binaries.
  • Procedurals were not working in FIRE.
By JDHill
Version 4.0.1
  • Update to Maxwell
  • Win: materials linking to the same MXM are considered to be the same material when linking blocks.
  • Mac: fixed environment:none.
By JDHill
Version 4.0.3
  • Update to Maxwell
  • Add Maxwell_RemoveDuplicateMaterials command.
  • Add Maxwell_RemoveSimilarlyNamedMaterials command.
  • Fix: Select/Remove Unused materials could remove block materials.
By JDHill
Version 4.0.5
  • Update to Maxwell
  • OSX: engine was not read from template MXS correctly.
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