Everything related to the integration for Revit.
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.0.5
  • workaround for Revit bug which produced misplaced faces in family instances which contained imported symbols
  • fixed: Maxwell button became unusable after opening the family editor
  • fixed: the family editor exporter wasn't using the updated exporter code in Revit 2014
  • fixed: the export button didn't work if an image output path wasn't set in Revit 2014
  • fixed: the installer didn't find the Revit install path if a localized or bundled version of Revit was used
  • fixed: the addin didn't load in some cases
By raduc
Version 3.0.7
  • fixed: exported camera framing was different from the Revit viewport
  • fixed: crash when setting the current month to January
By raduc
Version 3.0.10
  • fixed: crash when Export MXS was enabled in Pack'n'Go
  • fixed: crash in scenes that contained stills
  • fixed: railings and balusters didn't get exported correctly
  • fixed: the topology mesh material didn't get exported (2014 only)
By raduc
Version 3.0.12
  • fixed: wrong baluster positioning in some cases
  • fixed: crash when exporting some external links with Pack'n'Go
By raduc
Version 3.0.14
  • fixed crash in Revit 2015 when opening material editor with an object selected
  • fixed wrong object flags for elements with emitter only materials
  • fixed the Revit 2015 plugin was installed instead of the Revit 2014 one
By raduc
Version 3.0.15
  • fixed crash when trying to set materials in scenes with linked files
  • fixed crash when rendering scenes that contain some materials that can't be translated
By raduc
Version 3.0.16
  • fixed crash that could sometimes appear when closing Revit
  • fixed the assigned to column in the material editor wasn't accurate sometimes
By raduc
Version 3.0.18
  • added multiple selection and edit to the material editor
  • materials can now be sorted by clicking any of the columns
  • fixed plugin sometimes exported misplaced family instances
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.0.21
  • fixed: crash when opening the material list if the MXM file names were too long
  • fixed: error "Byte_get_blue" when trying to translate some native Revit materials
By Marton Day8
Version 3.1.9
  • Compatible with the Maxwell 3.2 SDK
    Fixed: "Screen Mapped" parameter worked in inverse mode
    Added: Reflectance channel option
    Removed: BMP file format option from channel format types (bmp for channels is not supported by Maxwell)
    Changed: default channel format has been changed to exr32
    Added: opens Maxwell Fundamentals Video page before exporting to Maxwell Render
    Added: Can save render output image in PSD format (8,16 and 32 bit)
    Improved: "Maxwell Render Parameters > Render Channels > Render Type" has new options: "All, Diffuse, Reflection, Refraction, Diffuse + Reflection, Diffuse + Refraction"
    Improved: Grass can be added to Mass items too.
    Improved: Grass dialog add button width changed (to show the text better)
By Marton Day8
Version 3.2.1

Fixed: Family Symbols exported sometimes in wrong position
Fixed: Maxwell Grass panel - adding grass for an object and after that adding grass to another object was listed as the new grass were on the first object
Fixed: Maxwell Grass was not working - Now the Installer adds the right Maxwell Extension to the install package
By Marton Day8
Version 3.2.5

The new version is downloadable from the Early Build site (with lot of new/improved functionality)

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