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By pascal@deis.fr

Another problem in the 4.2.2. This one is really serious. (on macOS, Maya 2019)

As always, I "export all" my maya scene, an I load the MXS file on another mac on my network. I launch the render for the night.
On morning, I search the picture, but nothing. No picture in my project/images directory.

After checking, I found that the saved picture and MXI are set in /user/document/maya/project/.....
instead of the maya project place.

And I've no pic because this user directory is not shared in the network. so, could not write.

Please fix this quickly, I lost one night on 2 computers...

By pascal@deis.fr

After a deep checking, it seems that it's not a Maxwell issue.
Sorry for the mistake.

Actually, Maya didn't store my project location, so, it used the default one..

Anyway I'm glad it was not a bug, but I apologise for the warning.


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