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By Aden Shillito
Not used Maxwell for a year or so, now seems it cannot 'read' or locate (one or other) the texture files even when I download fresh ones.
If I remove all the textures it'll render me a red version of the the object but add a texture and no. Is Maxwell looking to the wrong place for the files or have I shifted a key directory without knowing it, this is what I am thinking.

Error date below-

ERROR: - Render Failed
CPU ID used: 1236
[22/November/2018 11:25:55] Checking scene dependencies..
[22/November/2018 11:25:55] Dependency found: /Users/adenshillito/Documents/maya/projects/default/sourceimages/9452.jpg
[22/November/2018 11:25:55] Dependency found: /Users/adenshillito/Documents/maya/projects/default/sourceimages/RoofLongColor.tga
[22/November/2018 11:25:55] Checking Data
[22/November/2018 11:25:55] Loading Bitmaps & Preprocessing Data
[22/November/2018 11:25:55] Preprocessing data.
[22/November/2018 11:25:55] Memory used before preprocessing: 1287 Mb
DEBUG: - Preprocessing scene modifiers.
[22/November/2018 11:25:55] Loading geometry extensions.
DEBUG: - Preprocessing MXS references.
DEBUG: - Pretessellating meshes with displacement.
DEBUG: - Checking spot/IES lights.
DEBUG: - Initializing data.
WARNING: - Can't read referenced material file: /Users/adenshillito/Documents/maya/projects/default/sourceimages/
ERROR: - Data preprocess failed. Render cannot continue
[22/November/2018 11:25:55] Ending render process..
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By Forum Moderator
To me this is strange:
WARNING: - Can't read referenced material file: /Users/adenshillito/Documents/maya/projects/default/sourceimages/
It looks like it's looking for a null material file or a file with an empty name. It should display the name of the file there.

Could you copy the scene into a new scene and see if it is solved?

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By choo-chee
open the hypershade and check the textures tab. when you see a black one - that's the missing one :)
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By choo-chee
p.s. - red objects are actually ones with no material at all assigned. no maxwell material, no blinn, nothing. assign a new material and they show up fine. When it happened to me, I used to graph the material on the selected problematic object and re-assign it to the object again and it would work then.,

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