Everything related to the integration for Maya.
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By choo-chee
maya users beware: launching a render from maya, stopping it and changing it's parameters - like changing "full" to "region" - you can be almost 100% certain maya will crash when you close maxwell's window after rendering the region. save first ! usually happens if you (like me..) use the"bring rendered image" option on.
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By choo-chee
yup windows 10
It's my workflow, left monitor is working space, right monitor is reference space....
so when rendering previews, after stopping the render and closing Maxwell I can see the preview on the right and fix bad stuff on the left :)
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By Nasok
Hmm. .. sounds handy :)
and then you're saying that after you stop the render (plugin automatically brings back the image to Maya render window), if you change the render parameters (like region and etc) and close Maxwell then - crash ?
Or you close Maxwell and change the render region from Maya ?
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By Forum Moderator
Yes, thank you Choo-chee,

That bug is already fixed for the upcoming version (along with some new improvements and many other bug fixes).
What I had reported to the developer was this: "When doing a region render, the render works correctly; after it stops, the image should be sent to the frame buffer window (Render View) in Maya, but instead, Maya crashes."
So, in my experience it has to do with bringing a region render back to the frame buffer.

We have 4 bugs left to fix and after that the plugin should be out.


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