Everything related to the integration for Maya.
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By mjcherry
Is there some reason that Maxwell doesn't have better integration with the Maya Hypershade? For example, the node editor is useless when using a Maxwell Material, which would be very helpful when using Substance files. Also, it would be nice to be able to see a Maxwell material on the shader ball.

While I'm sure MXEd is a great utility program, it's unrealistic to constantly leave your 3D application just to construct a material.
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By Nasok
Well .. making Maxwell render node based - would be the best.
Hypershade is basically a node editor. Imagine if Maxwell would have a bunch of nodes and would understand Maya's nodes and procedurals ... and utilities .. and MASH and vertex colours ... and oh man - that would be so cool. But I believe it is where they would have to almost re-build it from scratch.

But still would be awesome!

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