Dear Maxwellians, I know this area remains one of the most difficult to grasp for Maxwell users so I've created a comprehensive tutorial series which spans 6 hours to show you in detail how to control the parameters, things to watch out for and general tips. I explain SSS and thinSSS separately, then go through creating:

- a white translucent marble
- a veined marble
- porcelain both glazed and rougher
- a leaf with front/back materials and I also show you in detail how I go about capturing the albedo/normal/translucency textures for leafs and other translucent materials
- lampshade material

Until Monday night there is also a weekend special of 15% off this new course, use the coupon code: 15WEEKEND.

Those that have subscribed to my Basics and Beyond course, get an additional 20% off :)

Just wondering (after purchase :-) ) how these techniques will work after ~month. I presume you checked it already in MR4 beta?
Thanks for your support Rafal :) I haven't checked with V4 yet, but I very much doubt that NL is asking users to re-learn a new material system + all other previous materials would be invalid and/or will look totally different. The layered materials, additive mode, the way the transmittance, coefficient, asymmetry etc. work will most likely stay exactly the same. If there are some changes I'll make sure to make some bonus videos to cover that.
It's all true.

Thanks guys for your support 8)

Btw, 4 of the videos don't have a download link yet so you can only watch them online for now. I've emailed my video hoster, Wistia, and hope this will be solved soon. Please post in the general forum if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this course after watching it. Or before as well for that matter....

Thanks again! With your support I can devote more of my time to creating content for us Maxwell users. With V4 around the corner, it looks like it will be the autumn of Maxwell :D
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