By FSchmidt
Hi, I am new to Maxwell Render and I wonder whether it is possible to tie the rendering to the mesh of a (deforming) object. For example, when I render the different frames of a movie, showing a soft object that is being deformed, how can I render the object with textured material (such as wood) without the object looking really strange in the final movie? Specifically, as the texture is rendered frame by frame without consideration of the underlying and changing object mesh, it does not move along with the object (btw, procedural textures are not solving that problem). How can I fix this?
Thank you, all the best, FSchmidt
By luis.hijarrubia
Are you using motion blur for the mesh? I think you can give intermediate positions of the vertices of the mesh for a single frame to have deformation motion blur.
By FSchmidt
Hi, no I am not using motion blur; however, I do not think that this would solve my problem. To describe my problem in some more detail: I use Maxwell to render object meshes that are deformed by using the Caronte engine from RealFlow. As some of these objects are quite strongly deformed (e.g., fully bent over to one side) a specific point of the object surface will move quite a lot. If the texture is not mapped to the deforming/moving object mesh, this means that the texture is not moving along with the surface. This results in the perception of an object moving "through" or "behind" a non-moving texture (e.g., with planar mapping), or in the perception of an object with a changing texture during movement (e.g., with some object-appropriate or procedural mapping).
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By Mihai
I think this has to do rather with the app that's doing the deformation that should make the texture "stick" to the deforming object. It's not something handled by the renderer. It renders whatever it receives from the main 3D app.
By FSchmidt
Ok, that sounds reasonable. Then my question would be in which way I could make sure that the RealFlow software (which has built-in Maxwell as its standard renderer) hands on the necessary information to the renderer. Is this about file formatting? At the moment, I am exporting *.mxs scene files from RealFlow (one scene file for each frame of the deformation movie) and then render the objects in this scene file in Maxwell. What do you think I might change in this procedure to get the necessary information into Maxwell? Thanks!

Very appreciated, thanks.

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