By arcmos
hello, i'm a beginner in maxwell. i try to create a glas material like in this picture: ... srueckwand

in other render engines i just create a box, apply a glas material (architectural glas) and made a selection for the backside. on the backside selection i've applied a simple material with diffuse color.

what's the best practice in maxwell for this??
By arcmos
Doesn't work here. The colored backside is almost not visible. Maybe i'm using wrong Glass Material. Not much reflections as in the picture....
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By Mihai
Did you use the transparent assistant to make it easier for you? Here is a scene with both a regular transparent material and a translucent one, because I suspect from your references, the glass itself has a bit of a milky look and not completely clear. So you might get a more realistic effect with a translucent glass in this case. I used the translucent assistant also to create the SSS version. The noise difference between the two is not that big, by SL 16 or so the transparent vs translucent ones have the the same (lack of) noise. The same green material was used for the backside. ... t.mxs?dl=0

(the HDR is not included)


Very appreciated, thanks.

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