By unit52
Hi everybody,
i've got a question which is bothering me for a while.
I received some step files, converted them in fbx (also... do you suggest better conversion format?) in rhino for mac and then opened in cinema4d. All the faces of each object are opened, not connected, even though the edges matches perfectly.
I can simply connect them but the process is huge.
Is better for maxwell to render closed meshes (even though when they are open their edge/face matches perfectly) or it works the same way/speed with open ones?
i know this is not the right forum but... is there something i'm missing exporting from rhino?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.
By Polyxo
No. There's no way to somehow tag open meshes so that the Maxwell engine treats them as closed.
Open render meshes of closed volumes will cause issues with transparent/translucent materials.
You might get acceptable results with simpler materials though.

I would try to understand why your fbx isn't closed, this doesn't happen to me (when exporting from Rhino to Blender),
but I use the windows version of Rhino5. The most feature rich mesh exporter Rhino offers is .obj, I'd give this a try
and see if this spits out you open meshes as well. As you have no animation or simulation data in the .step file you'll likely
not need anything better than .obj anyway.

The first thing to make sure is that the source-polysurfaces inside Rhino are closed, open Nurbs geo inevitably results in open mesh data.
This clip might help a bit in terms of Rhino meshing.
By unit52
Thank you very much for your answer.
I don't know either why the meshes are exported not closed. I don't know rhino (yes, i'm using the os x one) but i've just discovered does a beatifull job importing 3dm files directly in c4d. It gives you a lot better mesh that obj/fbx files, and it's possible to import the meshes merging the overlapping points, closing the meshes.

I've already had nightmare rendering open step files with transparent material like this work for mercedes.
Due to a shot time delivery i think i've lost 10 to 20 years trying to do my best merging all the part (directly from the manufacturer)
Texture/finish lost in render.


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