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By Half Life
There have been some improvements in Thin SSS recently, so I now feel more comfortable using it for a couple of advanced fakery effects. One such effect is mimicking colored glass type materials without the refraction.

If you need colored glass type materials without refraction AGS is not ideal in instances where you need to see the results of attenuation. This alternative workaround utilizing Thin SSS gives fairly good transparency (some slight haziness, which is not as noticeable with strongly colored "glass"). Along with accurate glass Fresnel and strong attenuation effects, without refraction calculation -- which is ideal for single sided geometry. You can download my MXM example file here.

Below is a screenshot with a few notes.

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By eric nixon
Erm, but it is still refracting? Even if you set the nd to 1, it will refract. So its better to model the thickness in most cases.

Ofcourse if you have comparison renders which show the benefit of this approach it would be cool to see that.
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!