By alemanda
Hello to everyone.
It's 5 years I've been using Maxwell and now I have a question, a simple question.
How to change at one click the X (or Y or Z) coordinate of a selection of objects, keeping the Y and Z coordinates of each of them?
Is it possible?
Thanks for any help.
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By dariolanza
Hello alemanda,

You mean in Studio, right?

If you want to add any transformation (i.e. a translation) to a selection of object while keeping their relative positions, the easiest way to do so is by defining a group out of them (select the object and Ctrl + G to define a new group with them, or right-click on the objects tree).

Then you can translate the group the amount you need, even being numerically accurate. Finally you may only need to ungroup them. To do so, simply select the objects and drag them (in the objects list) out of the group hierarchy and remove the empty group.

Let me know if this answers your question.


Dario Lanza
By alemanda
Thanks for your reply but no, it doesn't answer my question.
I'm working in Studio and what I need is giving a selection of objects (grouped or not) the same (for example) X coordinate by numeric input keeping the Y and Z coordinate of them. If I select a group of objects and I write a number in the X field what I get is that all the selected objects are modified with the same X but also Y and Z coordinate at the same time. I'd like to keep Y and Z of each of them and change only the X.
Probably now my question is clearer.
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By seghier
you can not do that in maxwell ; studio need "lock coordinates" like in blender
or alignment to give objects the same coordinates in all directions
but liveupdate it also good solution ; if modification made in 3d software like rhino or 3dsmax and the scene updated automaticly in studio after modification
( fluidray rt with its rhino integration have nice feature to update scene quickly )
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