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By JamesColeman
Hi everyone, this is just a quick message to say that my YouTube channel MaxwellBrightonCDT is now on hiatus while I concentrate on my product design career. All the videos will remain online, and the channel trailer explains the different tutorials.

My thanks to everyone for their positive feedback regarding this channel, there are nearly 100 videos, over 1,000 subscribers and over 100,000 views, and I've worked with some great high profile clients, all within 18 months.

I know it's helped a lot of people, and if it's helped you, I would really appreciate a PayPal donation to help me through the next stage of my career: Click here to give a PayPal donation

One of the reasons I've had to stop making videos is that I simply can't afford to right now.

I have been back at the University of Brighton since graduating this summer to guest lecture about Maxwell, and I will be going back occasionally as a guest lecturer, but for now I need to find a job that puts food on tables.

Thanks again

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