By Pj22
Hi all,

I`m pretty new to Maxwell and was hoping someone can suggest a light scene so that I can achieve a good bright render (i`m using a white ground plane). My renders are a little dim...i`m rendering jewellery and struggling to find a good scene to do this. I do have emitters on to help but still just looks a little grey.

Many Thanks,

Pj22 :D
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By dariolanza
Hi Pj22,

Could you post one of those renders, in order to visually understand what are you getting?

This will help us to faster isolate what do you need.


Dario Lanza
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By vizport
Check the Shutter Speed. And then look at the scale of your scene. Emitters can be too dark likely if they were set to different units. Metric units it means Meter --- Centimeters etc.
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