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By fv
I just looked at the introduction of C4D R19. Is Maxwell ready for R19 by the time its released ?
By JDHill
As far as I know at the current time, the answer will be yes.
By JDHill
Builds were uploaded this morning; they'll be released once they pass internal testing.
By mdfmuse
Re: "Builds were uploaded this morning; they'll be released once they pass internal testing."

Cinema 4D R19 comes with a new type of material called 'PBR' material. Within R19's material window, you can choose to 'Create > New PBR Material'. Will the new build of Maxwell for C4D R19 allow conversion of this new C4D material into Maxwell materials using the 'Convert Cinema Materials' command within the Maxwell plug-in? If not, could you please add this ability? Thank you.
By JDHill
As far as the plugin is concerned, there is nothing special about the "PBR" material; you can start with a "normal" material and make a "PBR" one, at least in terms of the user interface and the layers that make up the material (and how it looks to my eye in a Cinema render); the "PBR" one just starts out by default with the Color channel off, and two Reflectance layers, one diffuse (using Lambertian), and one reflection (using Beckmann), as opposed to the "normal" material, which starts with the Color channel enabled, and one specular layer in Reflectance, using Blinn.
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