Everything related to the integration for Cinema 4D.
By arcmos
To export a Maxwell material inside of C4D I need to:

Select Maxwell Material in the Material manager > open the material > export as mxm > link mxm

Is there away to do this for multiple materials (selected materials) in one command, maybe a script?
By JDHill
No, there is no way to do this for more than one material at a time. But, the function does ask whether you want to link to the exported .mxm, and there is an option in that dialog for having it repeat your choice automatically for the rest of the session, so after the first export, it should just be: select material > click Export as MXM > click Save.

If you help me understand why it is that you need to do this for lots of materials, perhaps I can suggest some other approach, or consider adding a command for doing this to multiple materials.
By arcmos
That was quick :D

Well, i use mxm reference materials because I'm switching between MAX and C4D. I create and edit materials always in mxed and reference them to max and c4d native models. Also I have a couple C4D/Maxwell models wich I have to convert to MAX/Maxwell format. With referencing that's pretty simple and I'm always using the same material.
repeat your choice automatically
yes, I know :D
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