Everything related to the integration for Cinema 4D.
By JDHill
Version 3.0.0

Maxwell Scene Object
  • Output > Channels layout refined.
  • Added Channels > Deep.
  • Added Channels > Alpha Custom.
  • Added Custom Alphas group (shown when Alpha Custom is enabled).
  • Added Engine > Globals (Motion Blur, Displacement, Dispersion).
  • Added Engine > Overlay Text group.
  • Added Custom Sun Type and Color.
  • Added Sun Radius Factor.
  • Added IBL > Viewport Resolution.
Material Editor
  • Added Material > Type (found in top tree node).
  • Added Material > Type > AGS.
  • Added Material > Type > Opaque.
  • Added Material > Type > Transparent.
  • Added Material > Type > Translucent.
  • Added Material > Type > Metal.
  • Added Material > Type > Car Paint.
  • Added top node > right-click > Switch To > AGS, Opaque, etc.
  • Added top node > Properties > Override Map.
  • Added Texture Editor > Use Override Map.
  • Added Texture Editor > Rotation.
  • Added Texture Editor > Mirror X & Y.
  • Added Texture Editor > Hue.
  • New texture params are shown in the preview.
  • Added new displacement parameters.
Maxwell Object Properties Tag
  • Added Opacity.
  • Added Backface Material.
  • Added Boolean parameter.
  • Added Custom Alpha Channels.
  • Added Blocked Emitters.
  • Added Smoothing.
  • Added Subdivision.
  • Added PLA Motion Blur.
Maxwell Sea Object (new)
  • Produces a Maxwell Sea extension object.
  • Provides control for display color and overall object scale.
  • The generated object is displayed interactively as a point cloud.
  • Easily animated by keyframing the Reference Time parameter.
Maxwell Volumetric Tag (new)
  • May be placed on a Null, an RF Particles Importer, or Particles Emitter/Geometry.
  • On a Null, may control a Constant or Noise 3D Field, or reference an RF bin file.
  • On an RF Particles Importer, the file is taken from the RF Particles Importer.
  • On Particles Emitter or Geometry, native Cinema particles define the volumetric.
Maxwell Camera Tag
  • UI Layout refined.
  • Added Aperture > Lens.
  • Added Aperture > Custom Bokeh.
  • Added support for parallel projection cameras.
Maxwell Hair Tag
  • Specify Root & Tip Width for rendered hairs.
  • Specify whether to render using flat, curve, or cylinder types.
  • Optionally, raytrace UVs back to a source polygon object.
Maxwell Particles Tag
  • Added Enable/Disable switch.
  • Added Particle Emitter End Scale & Variation support.
  • Textures could be projected wrong on some objects.
  • Hair UVs could sometimes be rendered wrong.
  • Particle Emitter/Geometry with no tag was exported.
  • Render Region could disappear with view clipping.
By JDHill
Version 3.0.2

  • Added Density parameter to Volumetrics in Noise 3D mode.
  • Alembic Particle Geoemtry is now treated as Particle Geometry.
  • Particles, Volumetrics, etc now support relevant Object Properties.
  • Check Paths now reports more details on the location of paths.
  • Added new Bind Monitor & Bind Node Networking prefs.
  • Added new Start Manager & Start node Networking prefs.
  • The plugin now points to the Next Limit support site for help.
  • Pack & Go was missing displacement & Assistant maps.
  • Displacement was not shown when using Assistants.
  • Displacement type was read incorrectly from older files.
  • A directory name could be written into the active texture.
By JDHill
Version 3.0.5

  • Added new MaxwellMesher object.
  • Added support for RealFlow RK and Hybrido Mesh objects.
  • Camera shift lens now allows greater than +/- 100% shift values.
  • Cinema material translation now uses pretesselated displacement.
  • Improved support for use of non-English characters in paths.
  • All plugin versions now use local copies of Maxwell extensions.
  • Particle Geometry objects were not properly exported.
By JDHill
Version 3.0.6

  • Switched to Maxwell version binaries.
  • Fixed various issues with extended-ASCII characters.
By JDHill
Version 3.0.7

  • Switched to Intel-compiled extensions on Windows.
  • Patched for XP (though it is no longer supported).
By JDHill
Version 3.0.8

  • Added support for R16 materials.
  • Added initial support for TFD.
Note on TFD support
  • When placed on a TFD Container, the Maxwell Volumetric tag will show a unique set of parameters. Note that some of the parameters do not currently work (e.g. custom UV channels); for this reason, this feature will not yet be documented.
By JDHill
Version 3.1.0
  • Update to Maxwell 3.1.0 binaries
  • Add Camera Response
  • Add Exposure Presets
  • Add Floating Shadows (FIRE)
  • Add Floating Reflections (FIRE)
  • Add White Point
  • Add Tint
  • Add Render Zone
  • Add Hide to Camera in Shadow Ch.
  • Add Spotlight Emitter mode
  • Add Material Custom Alphas
  • Add Release License function
  • Add support for OpenVDB (via Volumetric Tag)
  • Now supporting TFD color channels
By JDHill
Version 3.1.1
  • Update to Maxwell 3.1.1 binaries
  • Extra Sampling feature was not working from the plugin
  • MXM Reference path is only set when linking is enabled
By JDHill
Version 3.1.2
  • Object Properties were exported incorrectly in some cases
By JDHill
Version 3.1.3
  • Update to Maxwell Render 3.1.1 binaries
  • Render all textures default set to false in convert materials command
  • MXM linking avoids showing confirmation dialog when called from script
  • Fixed an issue with render instances of polygon objects from SurfaceSPREAD
By JDHill
Version 3.1.4
  • Fix an issue with MXM file references crashing on OSX.
By JDHill
Version 3.1.5
  • Update to Maxwell libs.
  • Add material Priority.
  • Add PSD output support.
  • Add new Output modes.
  • Add Reflectance Channel output.
  • Add Maxwell Sea Repeat U/V params.
  • Add Stereo Lat/Lon camera Lens.
  • Add Stereo Fisheye camera Lens.
By JDHill
Version 3.2.2
  • Update to Maxwell binaries.
  • Improve mxm/gallery import error reporting.
  • Displacement subdivision default value was wrong.
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