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By fv
I work with Vectorworks and export to Cinema4D.
Is there a way a way to hide the original objects and have Maxwell still render the instances. It seems to me once originals are hidden Maxwell no longer sees the instances.

Help appreciated,
You cannot hide the source object (whether disabling it in Cinema, or enabling "Hide" on an Object Properties tag), but you can enable Hide from Camera/GI/etc (in an Object Properties tag), so I would try those and see if it is enough.
Hello François,

We recently made some improvements (in v4.2.0.2) that allow for hiding the original.
You can make it work by adding an Object Properties tag (from Maxwell for Cinema group) and check "Hide" box. Probably Jeremy didn't know about this one.

We are aware this doesn't work in Fire yet, but it will in Maxwell.

I hope this helps,

By fv
Tx for the advise.

The problem is that while modeling in C4D the original geometry is better hidden to avoid being distracted by it. Using Vectorworks the original geometry is exported to C4D centred in the C4D model. Think of all vectorworks symbols piled up in the centre of the total geometry and no quick way to hide them all out of sight and still have the instances rendered.
Looking forward to see the update 4.2
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