Everything related to the integration for Archicad.
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By Rafal SLEK
As I read V4 plugin key feature list volumetrics and maxwell sea disappear?
And I always thought that mxs reference is treated like instances (there was an option in settings as I remember).
By Marton Day8
Hello Rafael,

No, sea and volumetrics are still there in the V4 version.

But I don't understand your question about Referenced MXS.

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By Rafal SLEK
Hi Márton,
information from chart on official site:


and from ARCHICAD:

By Marton Day8
Hello Rafal,

That is not for Reference MXS.

Reference MXS support instances.

But in case you have to GDL library object (exactly the same) in the scene, those are exported as two different meshes, not as base mesh and instance.

By Ville Rantanen
In the internal library, there is Maxwell library with objects like MX_MaxwellSea, MX_MaxwellParticles etc. Is there any documentation of how they should be used?

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