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By Marvin Nardo
I have the camera correction modifier on the camera but it doesn't seem to translate in the render.
Is there a way around this? has anyone found a solution to this?
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By Forum Moderator
If you want to get a perspective with parallel vertical lines, you should level your camera and target and use Maxwell's Shift Lens parameters in Camera options. It will just shift the view vertically or horizontally without changing the perspective. You can use Fire to preview what will happen in render.

By Marvin Nardo
Yes that worked ! Thank you
I cloned the camera and moved the target at the same level as the camera. Just wanted to keep the corrected camera.
Another thing I can't seem to find the film back settings in 3dsmax. If not I will just use studio to adjust it , which is what
I have been doing. Just curios if I must have missed something.

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