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By Aleksey Borisov
Some problems with library in Max 2018.
1 I see no preview in Material editor, considering Maxwell is choose as default render.

2 I’m trying to get material from Maxwell online-library and it import it to C:\Users\MyPC\AppData\Local\Temp\mxmgallery\mxmdownloads\ folder rather than C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 4\materials database\mxm files\. You have to switch it.

3 Even if you did it, you can’t get this material from C:\Users\MyPC\AppData\Local\Temp\mxmgallery\mxmdownloads\ because of errors:
File C:\Users\MyPC\AppData\Local\Temp\mxmgallery\mxmdownloads\1\9\3\stone.pnf couldn’t be found.

What is going on here?.. Why you can’t import this material straight to the library. And how to fix this error?

4 By the way, this error message can’t be closed. You can click one million times OK, but it’s appear again and again.
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By Mihai
To solve that error, just make sure to put all textures used in the material in the same folder as the MXM file, or in a subfolder to it named "textures". This way Maxwell will find the textures.

It's also not recommended to put your MXM files in the Program Files folder. Studio probably can't save it there because of Windows permissions issues. You can choose another folder where all downloaded MXM files will be put, from the Studio preferences.
By Aleksey Borisov
Not so easy, pal.

I copied files in library. You can see folder with name 193.

But when I try to get access, error is appear:

Please, note that the folder name 193 is somehow broken into 1\9\3\. Why?..
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By Mihai
It doesn't matter if you simply put the textures in the same folder as the MXM. If Maxwell can't find the textures in the path specified in the MXM, it will then look in the same folder as the MXM file, or a subfolder to it named "textures".
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By Mihai
Ok I downloaded it through Max, the download went to the temp folder on my computer, I then imported it into Max and I didn't get any texture errors.

What you can do is double click on the MXM file (in Windows Explorer, not from Max), it will open MXED (the standalone material editor), and it should find all the maps because they are in the same folder as the MXM.

Now in MXED, go to File>Pack & Go MXM, and choose a new folder where to save this MXM. It will also copy all necessary textures to that folder. I suggest to put it someplace other than the Program Files folder because MXED won't have permissions to write there.

I don't know where that "Bitmap Manager Error" is coming from? When do you get that error exactly?
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By Mihai
Yes, so like I mentioned above, just double click the MXM in the Explorer, and you can either use File>Pack & Go to save it and its textures in a new folder, or, simply click the little Save & Close icon (like a CD) in MXED and by doing this, all the paths in this material will have been updated, to reflect the paths to the textures on your particular computer.

You get those errors because apparently when you import that MXM into Max, it still tries to use the old paths in the MXM, which are only relevant to the user that created that MXM.


1. Download material
2. Go to download folder
3. Double click MXM
4. Click the Save and Close button in MXED (this will fix the paths in the material. It will do this because MXED knows to look in the same folder as the MXM for the textures.)
5. Now import it into your scene via the built in material editor in 3ds Max.
By Aleksey Borisov
Yes, it's kind of solution. If it happens, why it's not fixed during material creation? I mean, in case of putting them in on-line library, wouldn't be better if absolute path is automatically change to retaliative? Anyway, thanks for help.
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By Mihai
I'm guessing the main 3D apps can't work with relative paths. It's the same issues for any engine I imagine. All the materials in the online gallery have been checked to make sure all textures are already in a "textures" subfolder to the MXM.

You don't have any of these problems if working with Maxwell Studio for example. It just downloads the MXM, unzips it, and puts it in your scene. No errors and you can also choose in Studio prefs another unzip folder. The problem is with the Max Maxwell plugin really, not the online gallery. It doesn't load the MXM after unzipping it, and also doesn't seem to let you specify a different unzip path, instead of always the temp folder.

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