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I just bought a version of Maxwell Render 4.
Maxwell Studio constantly crashes Windows 10 (blue screen), only splash screen show.

Maxwell Render finshed render Beaute_care.mxs, but when i closed and try open another example show another blue screen. Another time crash instantly.

On blue screen:

This motherboard has 2 network adapters, maybe there is a problem.

Windows 10 Pro
proc: i9-7960X
mainb: X299 AORUS Gaming 9
graphics: Geforce GTX 670

What could it be?
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By Mihai
I'd check if you have the latest graphics card drivers, and secondly run some torture tests for memory and cpu for a few hours to see if your system is stable and there are no problems with overheating or bad ram. There are several of these apps around the net you can try, to test your machine.
I have the latest graphic card drivers v388.71.

I made several renderings in a blender, it never crash (about 1h). Render both processor and graphics card.

Prime95 is working ok.

When Maxwell render is already working, it does not break (only 3 times it was possible to run). It breaks down immediately after pressing the render button or when launching the program. Maxwell's studio has never appeared on the screen.

On the notebook Maxwell Studio and the Maxwell render is working properly.

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